Anonymous asked: You have such lovely skin, what's your secret?

I actually don’t have a secret! 
I drink lots of water and don’t wear a lot of make up to clog up my pores and what not. I wish I had a secret. Since I don’t, here are some examples to further satisfy you:
  • Mostly i just urinate on my own face. 
  • I don’t have any secrets, I just get up in the morning, bake a cake and then apply it to my face. 
  • I wear stockings on my face. 
  • I recently became John Travolta from the movie Face Off and swapped my face with Nicholas Cage.
  • I wear a mask. 
  • I am asian
  • All my friends are cats so I sit at home cleansing it most days.
  • I smoke mountains of ice and I am the recent edition of Extreme Makeover Faces of Meth 101. 

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